It’s November 1st

So, I have been away from the blog for a while. I know… excuses are like a-holes, and everyone’s got one, with all that aside. I’m back.

To start thing off with a bang, I am going to participate in National Blog Posting Month
(my profile).

I have been looking for the motivation to get the blog going again, and I think this is the ticket (even though there are some folks at work hounding me everyday).

So, last week I came across a sweet video that we all watched at the office, and all had a good laugh. They have now updated the post, and put links to all the references.

The Internet Stars Are Viral

Check out the orginal post from the Cakke Team.

Wasn’t that awesome. April also posted about the video.

So, quick update. Now working at Terralever, check out my LinkedIn Profile, or take a peek at my Facebook Profile.

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One Response to It’s November 1st

  1. SWEEET! I knew you could do it Jason. Welcome to the first step of reuniting with your blog. Doesn’t it feel good!

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